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Ericka B. Gray, owner of Gustfront Photography, received her first film SLR in her early teens.  Now totally digital, her interests focus on nature, wildlife, and severe weather as well as all that is interesting and beautiful.

Ericka developed her eye as a fine artist. After numerous courses, workshops, and private lessons while growing up, she attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, where she majored in Painting.  A 1993 fire destroyed all of her paintings and the house she was living in. She gave up painting for a few years before returning to the arts via photography.  She attended the Center for Digital Imaging Arts (Boston University) and then studied privately with John Barnier.

Her work has been been shown at the Cambridge Art Association and Boston College, at the gallery of fine detail water color artist, John Harrison, in Birch, Essex, England at the Birch Gallery,  she has been featured as photographer of the month on, the website of Jeff and Kathryn Piotrowski, well know storm chasers, and on the website of New England Wholesale Frame and Moulding.